Accessing “My Grades” for Students

1) Login to the University of Miami’s Blackboard Webpage.

2) Click on the Arrow Next to your Name to open the Global Navigation Menu.

Global Navigation

Image 1: The Global Navigation Menu is located at the top right hand corner of your Blackboard Window.

3) Click on the “My Grades” Icon on the left side of the Global Navigation Menu

Global Navigation 2

Image 2: The “My Grades” Icon is the Icon of a page with a  check mark on it.


4) The “My Grades” Page will open. You will be able to see the grades for all of your courses from here.

Global Navigation 3

Image 3: You will be able to see the Grades for the courses that you are currently enrolled in from this page.

Note: Some professors do not use Blackboard to post grades, so there is a possibility of your grades not being posted in the system. If you do not see a grade for an assignment or for the course we suggest that you contact your professor for more information.

Global Navigation 4

Image 4: Not only the “My Grades” section tell you the points earned (if any) it also tells you the date that an item was graded/submitted.

 A.  A yellow exclamation mark indicates “Needs Grading”. This means that a submission for the item has been recorded in the system and it needs to be graded by the your Professor.

B. In this example, it shows that 80 out of 100 points were earned. At this point, your Professor has already graded your assignment.

C. A “-” icon indicates that there is currently no grade or attempt recorded in the system.

Note: In this example there are 2 “Total Columns”. In Reality, your professor can give these columns any name.

The First “Total” column is the total points earned in the Grade

The Second “Total” column is the current percentage in the grade.

Video Instructions