How to Create a SafeAssignment in Blackboard

1) Navigate to your Course Site.

2) Select the Content Area that you would like to create your assignment in.

Assignment 1

3) Hover your cursor over “Assessments” and select “Assignment”.

Assignment 2


Image 3: The required field in this section is the “Name and Color”. You need to give your assignment a name.

5) Enter the Points Possible for this assignment under the “Grading” section of the “Create Assignment” page.


Image 4: Entering the points possible for this assignment will create a column in the Grade Center for this assignment.

6) Click on the “Submission Details” to open the expandable menu.


Image 5: The Submission Details has an expandable menu. In order to create the Safe Assignment you have to click on it to expand the menu.

7) Select the “Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign” radio button.


Image 6: Clicking the “Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign” radio button will create the SafeAssignment. This means that documents that are submitted in this assignment will be checked for plagiarism.

8) Click Submit.


Image 7: Clicking the “Submit” button located at the top or bottom right hand corner of your page will save your progress and create the assignment.