How to Upload a Test in Microsoft Word using Respondus 4.0

You might use Microsoft Word to write test questions. The Import Questions feature of Respondus 4.0 makes it easy to upload those questions into Blackboard. This can be accomplished by following the steps below:

Before you begin: 

Please make sure that your Word Document is formatted properly.

  • Make sure that the Questions are numbered properly.
  • Make sure that the Correct Answers are marked. Respondus 4.0 uses to identify the correct answer. Please make sure that you have a * before the correct answers.

Image 1: In Question #1 the correct answer is the option “a” because it is preceded by an asterisk *.

1) Open your Respondus 4.0 Application

2) Click on the “Import Questions” button.


Image 2: Click on the “Import Questions” button from the “Open or Create” Window.

3) Select the File you would like to import.

     A. Type of file – If you are working in a Microsoft Office version 2007 and above select (DOCX) otherwise select (DOC).

     B. Browse – Click on Browse to look for the file in your computer.


Image 3: In this demo we are uploading a test from a Microsoft Word Document you will need to select either DOCX if the word document was created from a Microsoft Word 2007 and above or DOC if it was created with a previous version of Microsoft Word like Microsoft Word 2003.

4)  Click on the “Preview” button to ensure that there are no error messages with the questions you are importing. Respondus will also preview the format of the questions in a small box.


Image 4: The “Preview” button will allow you to see if there are any errors with the questions & answers you are importing.

5) Click on the “Finish” button 


Image 5: Click “Finish” to complete the Import Questions process.

6) You will be taken to the “Edit Questions” Page. From here you can edit any questions you would like to change before uploading it to Blackboard.


Image 6: You can modify your questions before uploading them to Blackboard from the “Edit Questions” Page.

6) Begin Publishing the Test to Blackboard.

          A. Click “Preview & Publish

          B. Click “Publish to Blackboard

          C. Select “Publish Wizard

How to Post a Single Test into your Blackboard Course Site with Respondus 4.0 1

Image 7: The Preview & Publish Tab allows you to publish your exam to Blackboard.


 7) If the connection is successful you will need to do the following:

          A. Select the course that you would like to publish the test to.

          B. Select whether you would like to create a new Test or replace an existing Test in your course site.

          C. Select additional options for your Test (They will all be checked by default) and click “Next”.

How to Post a Single Test into your Blackboard Course Site with Respondus 4.0 8

Image 14: At this point the connection the University of Miami’s Blackboard Server has been established. This Publish Wizard window allows you to configure how your test is published and deployed to your course.

 8) Select the content area that you would like to publish to Test to and click “Next”.

How to Post a Single Test into your Blackboard Course Site with Respondus 4.0 9

Image 15: Select where in your course you would like for your test to be deployed in.

 9) Success! You have published a test in your course site.

How to Post a Single Test into your Blackboard Course Site with Respondus 4.0 10

Image 16: At this point the test has been deployed to the course. You can now access your course on Blackboard and see the test in the content area that you chose to deploy it in.