How to Retrieve Questions from Blackboard into a Respondus File

Respondus 4.0 is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard. You can also retrieve questions from Exams, Pools, and Surveys from Blackboard with Respondus 4.0. The steps below will cover in more details how to accomplish this task.

1) Retrieve Questions

A. Click on the Retrieval & Reports tab

B. Click on the Retrieve Questions section

C. Click on the Retrieve Questions button to begin retrieving questions from Blackboard.


Image 1: Clicking on the “Retrieve Questions” button will launch the Retrieve Questions Wizard.

2) Select the Blackboard Server that you would like to retrieve questions from and Click Next



Image 2: Select the Blackboard Server.

3) The Retrieve Questions Wizard window will open. Select the Course that you would like to retrieve from.


Image 3: A list of all the courses that you are enrolled in will display. Select the course that you would like to retrieve questions from.

4) Select the Exam, Survey, or Pool that you would like to retrieve from Blackboard.


Image 4: Select if you are retrieving questions from an Exam, Survey, or Pool.

5) Name the File where your questions will reside in.


Image 5: Name the file where the questions will be stored in.

6) Click Next to continue.


7) You should receive a message stating that the task has Completed Successfully.


Image 6: A message stating that the task has bee completed successfully should display.