How to Create a Non-Graded VoiceThread


Proceed to a Blackboard Course Site and choose the desired content area from the left side course menu to post the VoiceThread. For this example we will be using “Course Documents”.



Hover your mouse over the “Build Content” section of your course and click on “VoiceThread” in the “Mashups” section.


Edit the VoiceThread settings as listed below then click “Submit”.

  • Enter the desired name (*Required)
  • Enable Evaluation: Select “Yes” (Yes = Gradable) or “No”
  • Permit users to view this content: “Yes”
  • Enter Date and Time restrictions if desired



Click on the title of the VoiceThread you have created in your content area to view and add materials.



Now you will choose the type of Voice Thread from the three types below:

  1. Course View: Display the collection of VoiceThreads that have been shared with your course. Anything that has not yet been explicitly shared with your course will not appear here.

• This is a good option when you want students to find and comment on each other’s work or if you want to allow students to review all course materials prior to an exam.

  1. Individual VT: Display any VoiceThread that you have created. When students click on the link, they’ll see just this one VoiceThread.

• This option is the best way to create a VoiceThread discussion board or lecture. Students will not need to look through a collection of VoiceThreads to find the correct one; they will be taken straight to it.

  1. VT Home: Display all of a student’s VoiceThread content in a single view. This includes all VoiceThreads and all courses that belong to them.

• This option is useful if you want to create a simple portal into VoiceThread without directing students to any specific content.



This step will explain the different features associated with the three options for VoiceThread Setup.

1) “Course View” VoiceThread options (Option 1 from STEP 5).

  1. Return to Blackboard.
  2. Refresh the VoiceThreads.
  3. Click on a thread to play it and view comments.
  4. Edit the header image.
  5. Add your own VoiceThread.


2) “Individual View” VoiceThread options (Option 2 from STEP 5).


3) “Home” VoiceThread options (Option 3 from STEP 5). This option shows you all VoiceThreads from all courses.


 For more information on VoiceThreads please see our other articles.

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