Course Availability – Where is my course site?

Every semester start, many instructors and students think they are not enrolled in a course because of the absence of all courses or a specific course site on their Blackboard homepage. This is most likely because the course is set as unavailable to students and therefore hidden from view. It is typically not an enrollment issue. You can see all of your unavailable course sites on your homepage using the method below. Instructors always have access to all their courses, unavailable or available.

All your available courses are automatically shown in the My Available Course Sites module located on the Backboard homepage. If you do not see your courses, they are likely set as unavailable to students. An unavailable course site cannot be made available without professor authorization. Please contact your professor to let him/her know, or advise your professor to contact the Blackboard Help Desk so we can make the course(s) available to students.

STEP 1:  Click on the word “Customize” in the top right corner of the “My Available Course Sites” module in the middle of your home page.


STEP 2: Click on the “Show Unavailable Courses” check box in the top left.


STEP 3: Now, Click on the “Submit” button in the bottom of right of the page.


STEP 4: Click on the “OK” button to reload your Blackboard Home Page.


STEP 5: The homepage will now load. Unavailable course sites will now be shown with “Unavailable to Students” added to the end of the course name. An unavailable course site cannot be made available without professor authorization.

STEP 6: If you still do not see a course you are supposed to be enrolled in please try the methods listed below.

  • Be sure that your course enrollment is reflected on CaneLink.
  • If a course was switched or dropped, the change may have not taken effect in Blackboard.
  • If you see the course in CaneLink but not in Blackboard, then most likely it is that the course is unavailable to students. Your professor has not released it yet for access.