How To

Create Video Quizzes using Kaltura

Create Video Quizzes using Kaltura in Blackboard. This tutorial is intended to show faculty how to create video quizzes using Kaltura in their course site. STEP 1: Log into Blackboard and access your Course Site. STEP 2: Instructors can access the option to create videos Quizzes and post them to their course site by going […]

Create an assignment with SafeAssign enabled

This tutorial is intended for instructors who would like to use Blackboard to create an assignment where students can submit a file to the professor. SafeAssign only supports file types that are convertible to plain text. This includes the following file types: DOCX, DOC, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, ODT, RTF, HTML, and HTM. Spreadsheet files […]

How to create a Test, Exam, or Quiz

  This tutorial is intended for instructors who would like to use Blackboard to issue a Test, Exam, or Quiz that has either one or multiple different question types. STEP 1: Proceed to the content area where you would like to post the test . Typically this is “Assignments”. STEP 2:  With “Edit Mode” on, Click […]

How to access and use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

This tutorial is intended to show students and instructors how to access and use the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Tool with a course menu link pre-set up. To watch a video of this tutorial: Click Here Students cannot access Collaborate Ultra Sessions without a course link in the main menu. Follow this link to learn how […]

How to enable Turnitin on a Canvas assignment (For Instructors)

Step 1: Proceed to your Canvas Course site.   Step 2: Select “Assignments” in your course. Step 3: Click on the “+ Assignment” button in the top right of the page. Step 4: Type in the name and point value for the assignment. Then proceed to the “Submissions Type” section at the bottom of the […]

Leaving MS Word open while submitting assignments causes error

Problem: When a student submits an assignment as a Word .docx document using Firefox or Chrome on Windows or OSX. Crocodoc preview will show an error that the file cannot be previewed. When the professor downloads the file, the Word document is 0 bytes and will not even open in Word. Professors may think the […]

How to access the embed code for Kaltura Videos in Blackboard

STEP 1: Log into Blackboard and proceed to your course site. STEP 2: Select “Course Tools” from the left side course menu. STEP 3: Select “Course Gallery” from the expanded menu under “Course Tools”. STEP 4: Select the “My Media” link in the description under the title Course Gallery. STEP 5: 1) Select the video […]

How to Access the Canvas Guides

Canvas Guides is the online documentation site for students, instructors, instructional designers, parents, and learning management system (LMS) admins. The lessons are continually updated online. These Guides are accessible to you with just a few clicks. 1) Click on the “Help” icon 2) Click on the “Search the Canvas Guides” link 3) Search the Guides […]