Course Copy Request

You may have material in one course site that you would like to copy into one or more other sites. We can do it for you or you can copy the material yourself. The advantage to copying it yourself is that it will be done immediately, by the system. Filling out the form will generate a request for us to do it manually.

To learn how to copy a course site yourself, watch the “How do I copy an old site into a new site?” video.

To have us copy a course site for you, fill out the form below.

  1. example: REL101-D-20138 (20138 = Fall 2013 starts in August (month 8)

  2. example: REL101-C-20141 (20141 = Spring 2014 starts in January (1))
  3. In addition to the course content, we can copy the following items:
    Assessments and Item Pools (on-line quizzes, tests, and surveys)
    Discussion Boards