Creating a Test

1) Navigate to your Course Site.

2) Enter the Content Area that you would like to create your Test in (For example; click on the “Assignments” section of the course menu, etc.).

3) Hover your cursor over “Assessments” and select “Test”.

Test Creation1

Image 1: Hovering your cursor over “Assessments” will automatically open a drop-down menu.

4) The Create Test page will open. Click on the “Create” button.

Test Creation2

Image 2: Clicking on the “Create” button will allow you to create a new Test.

5) You will be taken to the  Test Information Page. Enter the Title/Name of your Test.

Test Creation 03

Image 3: The only required field in this page is the “Name”.

6) You will be taken to the Test Canvas Page where you can create questions. Hover your cursor over “Create Question” and select the question type you would like to create in your test.

Test Creation3

Image 4: Hovering your cursor over “Create Question” will cause for a drop-down menu to open giving you the option to select the type of question that you would like to implement in your test. You can have different types of questions in your test.


Note: Once the questions are created, you will be able to re-order them and edit them. If you would like to change the points per question, click on the “Points” box and enter the point value for the question.

Test Creation4

Image 5: Once a question has been added you can change the point value, you will also be able to go back and edit the question.

7) Click “OK” to Finish Editing your Test (Located at the bottom right hand corner of the Page)


8) You will be taken back to the “Create Test” page but this time the Test you just created will be listed. Select the Test you just created from the “Add and Existing Test” list.

9) Click “OK” to add the Test.

10) The “Test Options” page will open. You will be able to Change the name of the Test if you’d like to.

Test Creation7

Image 6: The Test will already have the name that you assigned it in step 5. However, you can change again in this page.

11) Select the “Yes” Radio Button for Make the link available. 

Test Creation8

Image 7: The Availability of the Test will be set to “Unavailable” by default. Meaning that if you deploy the test, students will be unable to see it. Clicking on the “Yes” radio button for Make the link available will make this Test available to students.


12) Click “Submit” to deploy your Test.

Test Creation10

Image 8: Click “Submit” to deploy your test in the course.