How to Create an Assignment

1) Navigate to your Course Site.

2) Select the Content Area that you would like to create your assignment in.

Assignment 1

Image 1: In This Example we are clicking on the “Assignments” content area located in the course menu.

3) Hover your cursor over “Assessments” and select “Assignment”.

Assignment 2

Image 2: A. Hovering your cursor over “Assessments” will open a drop-down menu.  B. Select “Assignment” from the drop-down menu.

Note: At this point the assignment you will be re-directed to the “Create Assignment” page where you will be able to create your new assignment.

4) Name your assignment by entering the name in the “Name and Color” box.

Assignment 3

Image 3: The required field in this section is the “Name and Color”. You need to give your assignment a name.

5) Enter the Points Possible for this assignment under the “Grading” section of the “Create Assignment” page.

Image 4: Entering the points possible for this assignment will create a column in the Grade Center for this assignment.

6) Click “Submit” located at the top or bottom of the page to finish creating your assignment.


Image 5: Click “Submit” to finish creating your assignment. It will be available to students by default.