i>clicker/REEF Polling Student Response Systems

The University of Miami supports the i>clicker/REEF Polling student response systems from Macmillan for student polling activities in classes. Any student response system consists of the following two components.

  • Instructor software – This software allows the instructor to display questions, open polling, record answers, and display results.
  • Student response devices – Students respond with ether a physical device (clicker) or an app on their smartphone or computer. You determine whether the students will be required to use a specific device type or will be able to select between the two. Either way, the device is handled like a textbook and paid for by the student.

In the case of Macmillan, they have two different instructor software systems and two different types of student response devices.

  • Instructor Software
    • REEF Polling account – The new web-based system from Macmillan
    • i>Clicker program – The older Macmillan system that runs on a computer in the classroom
  • Student response devices
    • REEF Polling app on a smartphone or computer (license fee)
    • Physical i>Clicker device (purchase/rental fee)

So before proceeding, the instructor will need to choose which software and devices will be used in class.

i>clicker or REEF Polling?

You will need to decide whether you, the instructor, will be using the i>Clicker software on a computer in the classroom or the REEF Polling web based service. Refer to the “Which instructor software is right for you?” chart to see the differences.

  • If you do not want your students to use their smartphones or computers during class, you will want to use the i>Clicker instructor software and have each of your students purchase or rent a physical i>clicker device.
  • If you want to use any/all the features available from the REEF Polling software, you will want to use the REEF Polling instructor software and have each of your students license the REEF Polling student app for their smartphone or computer use.

The i>clicker software used at UM has a custom integration with UM’s Blackboard Learn system, making it easy to attach names with results. The current version for UM should be downloaded from the links below.


i>clicker/REEF Support

For general issues (how to get started, how to set up the software, how to use the system) please contact i>clicker/REEF Polling CLIENT SUPPORT

Our contact person for bulk purchases and such is

  • Mandy Gunnell, M.Ed.
    Regional Sales Manager
    C 321.576.2083

UM Support

Faculty Setup Instructions for i>clicker

To set up the i>clicker software/hardware, faculty should do the following.

  1. Bookmark this page, https://lpt.it.miami.edu/iclicker-student-response-system/, so you can easily access i>clicker information.
  2. If you need instructor’s equipment, please fill out this form: http://go.iclicker.com/ICKitOrderForm.html Once it is ordered, it will take 7-10 business days for your free i>clicker kit to arrive. Mandy Gunnell (above) will respond with instructions and training once the order is placed. **Make sure to also notify the bookstore, asap (see below).
  3. In order for the bookstore to have i>clickers for your students, you need to let them know that you will be using i>clickers in your class(es). Handle this just like a textbook. Most faculty have the students use the i>clicker+, the less expensive clicker without alphanumeric input, and give the bookstore ISBN 1464120152. If you will be using the i>clicker 2, the one with alphanumeric input, please give this ISBN to the bookstore: 1498601634.
  4. I>clicker will send you an instructor’s kit with a base unit (receiver), instructor clicker, and a USB drive with the i>clicker software. In the past UM Classroom Support placed base units in any requested classroom. That process has changed as of Spring 2016. Faculty will now obtain their own kits from i>clicker.
  5. The software on the USB drive provided by i>clicker needs some changes to allow synchronization of student names via our Blackboard system. In order to have that capability, rename the folder on the USB drive to “old software” and then download the software using the links below.
  6. If students will be using physical clickers, send an email to blackboardhelp@miami.edu (or call 305-284-3949) and ask that a “Register Clicker” menu item be added to your course web site(s) on Blackboard. (Students at UM should register i>clickers through your course site on Blackboard, not through the iclicker.com web site.) (If students will be using smart phones/REEF, they register that device online when they pay i>clicker the license fee.)

i>clicker Software Downloads

Windows i>clicker Software    Macintosh i>clicker Software

If you have problems downloading, installing, or configuring the i>clicker software, you can contact our Blackboard Help Desk at 305-284-3949, or blackboardhelp@miami.edu. The Blackboard Help Desk is staffed 9am-9pm seven days a week.


Please do NOT use the version of the software from the iclicker.com site. It is not integrated with our Blackboard system.
Please do NOT have students register on the iclicker.com web site. Contact blackboardhelp@miami.edu and have a registration link placed on your course site(s) on our Blackboard system.

i>clicker Resources

UM i>clicker Resources

If students will only be using physical clickers in your class, you can ignore the next section on REEF. REEF is only important if students will be using smartphones to submit their answers.


What’s the Difference Between i>clicker 7 and REEF?

i>clicker v7 is meant for classrooms that will be using mostly clickers and maybe a few cell phones/tablets/laptops.

REEF Polling is a new mobile solution (replacing i>clickerGO) that is cloud-based and allows students to use phones/tablets/laptops, instead of or in addition to a clicker. You must have strong wifi in your classroom for this option.

That means that whether the instructor uses i>clicker v7 or REEF Polling to manage the polling, the students can use either a physical clicker or the REEF Polling app on their internet connected device. The i>clicker v7 software is downloaded and run off a USB flash drive (or computer in the classroom) and the data is all stored with the program. The instructor who is using the REEF Polling system … (I don’t know. They probably connect to an internet location? I haven’t had time yet to watch all the videos below.)

i>clicker and REEF Videos

Bookstore Information