Teaching at a Distance

Sometimes the professor cannot make it to class. Sometimes one or more students can’t make it to class. The University of Miami licenses Blackboard Learn so that every course can have a course web site and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra so that an event can be presented when the Professor and student are not in the same place. These tools can facilitate teaching at a distance, where the student and professor are not in the same place at the same time.


The staff of the Distance Learning Institute in the Division of Continuing and International Education are providing live training sessions to learn and practice the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool. You will be able to join a live session and practice the different aspects of communicating live or through recording your sessions with students.

To attend you will need a smartphone or a computer with sound capabilities: either a speaker or headset. The webinars will start at 9:00 am, Monday through Friday, beginning October 24, 2017.  Please register 24 hours in advance.

To register for a webinar use the button below or go to the https://goo.gl/C1gWiB web page.

  • If you will be using a smartphone you will need to install either the application called “Blackboard” or the application called “Blackboard Instructor.” They are both available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. (The “Collaborate” app does NOT work with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.)
    Blackboard Apps the work with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  • If you will be using a computer, and have not used Blackboard before, please go to the https://goo.gl/GQLQ29 web page to check your browser configuration.

If you have trouble connecting to the webinar, call the Learning Platforms Help Desk at 305-284-3949


The Distance Learning Institute in the Division of Continuing and International Education is offering an online workshop were you will learn the fundamentals of using Blackboard and an introduction to best practices for teaching online.  This workshop will give you the basic skills to create and manage an online course in the event that a face-to-face meeting with your students is not feasible, giving you and your students the opportunity to continue teaching and learning without interruption.

Once you register you will be enrolled in the Blackboard course Teaching Online Workshop 1.  After you receive a confirmation email of your enrollment, access Blackboard and look for the course title under “My Courses”.

To register for the workshop use the button below or go to https://goo.gl/oSLdca.

For further information or if you have trouble accessing the course after registration contact the Distance Learning Institute at DLIevents@miami.edu.

Tip Sheets & Videos

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Questions and Support

For questions, training, and support with either Blackboard Learn or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, contact the Learning Platforms Help Desk by emailing learningplatforms@miami.edu or calling 305-284-3949 or filling out the lpt.it.miami.edu/help-desk-request-form form.