“Qwickly” Tool Added to Blackboard

The Qwickly tool lets faculty easily change the availability of course sites, create an announcement and place it in one or more course sites at once, and send an email message to one or more course sites.

Qwickly is found on the Blackboard Home page, at the top of the left column.

Qwickly module

Click on “Course Availability” to open a list of your courses. Click the on/off button to change the Availability setting for that course site. When available, green, students can access the site. In the image below, the course site is not available, so the button is red. Click the red button to change it to green and make your course site available.
Unavailable course site

Click on “Post Announcement” and a new window opens where you can enter the title and body of the announcement and indicate on which course sites to post the announcement. You also have a check box to email the announcement to your students, in addition to posting it on the Announcement page.
Post Announcement form

The “Send Email” form is almost the same as Post Announcement except that (1) text can be formatted in Post Announcement but not in Send Email and (2) a file can be attached to email but not to an announcement. 
Send Email form

If you have any questions or need assistance with the Qwickly tool, contact the Blackboard Help Desk at blackboardhelp@miami.edu or call us at 305-284-3949.