Blackboard Learn Upgrade – 27 Dec 2017

The Blackboard Learn system at the University of Miami has been upgraded and returned to service at noon on Saturday, January 6, 2018. The content and material on should not have been changed during the upgrade. The new server is, accessed via, as before.


The semester has started and people are using Blackboard. Here are problems we have identified and are monitoring.

  • Grade Center Scores Show 5 Decimal Places – For example, if there are 10 possible points for an item in the Grade Center, it will be displayed as “10.00000”. This is a known problem with no workaround. It will be fixed in a future update.
  • Reordering Content or Grade Center Items – When using drag-and-drop to reorder items in content areas and the grade center, the items don’t move and the screen goes gray.
    Fix: After clearing the browser cache these problems have gone away. (You may not want to clear your browser history or cookies when doing this.) Instructions for Clearing Cache:

To see a list of all the new features in the version of Blackboard available after the upgrade, please go to the page below.

Blackboard Announcements: The best way for you to stay informed about events such as this upgrade is to subscribe to our Blackboard mailing list. To subscribe, go to and submit the form. Then confirm your subscription in your email system.

If you have experience issues, have questions or need something special, please contact the UMIT Learning Platforms Help Desk at (305) 284-3949 or

Attaching a file to Blackboard while it is still Open can lead to Errors with the File


Operating System: Windows 10

Browser: Microsoft Edge

Note: Users in other Institutions have reported the issue in other Browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

A user will attempt to attach a file to Blackboard by using the “Browse My computer” feature while the document is still open. The document will not attach itself to Blackboard. Additionally it has been reported that there are times when the file will attach to Blackboard however the file becomes unreadable because when it’s downloaded it has a file size of 0 bytes.

Steps to Replicate the Issue

1) Navigate to the desired content area in the course.

MS Edge 1
Image 1: For this example, we are navigating to the Assignments content area.

2) Access a content item that will allow you to attach a file in.

MS Edge 2
Image 2: For this example, we are submitting an assignment however you can recreate this issue by uploading a document to a discussion board, etc…

3) Click on “Browse My Computer” to select a file that is stored in your computer.

MS Edge 3
Image 3: Click on the “Browse My Computer” button.

4) Select the file that you would like to upload.

A. Click on the file that you would like to upload.

B. The file is still open in Microsoft Word.

MS Edge 4
Image 4: The desired file is being selected however since it is still open in Microsoft Word it will not be attached to Blackboard.

5) The “Open” dialog box will close but the file will not be attached to Blackboard because it is still open in Microsoft Word.


6) Open the file, save any changes and close it.

7) Repeat steps 3 & 4 to resubmit the file.

Blackboard Collaborate Recordings Not Available in Course Site

07/06/2016 – Blackboard Collaborate Recordings Not Available in Course Site (Intermittent Issue)
There are some courses where Blackboard Collaborate meetings are held and the recordings do not show up in the course. This is an intermittent issue that may or may not affect your course site.

Normally once a Blackboard Collaborate meeting is recorded it should become available from the “Blackboard Collaborate” link located inside Content Collection. There are some courses where the Blackboard Collaborate recordings are not showing up. Blackboard Support was able to confirm that this is a known issue and that its currently affecting our system.


There is currently no permanent solution to this issue. There are two workarounds for this issue until it is resolved.

If you have confirmed that this issue is currently affecting your course you can do the following to prevent it from happening:

A. Create a Session for the meeting that will be taking place in your course.

  1. Navigate to your Course Site in Blackboard
  2. Click on “Course Tools” from the Course menu
  3. Select the “Blackboard Collaborate” link
  4. Click on the “Create Session” button to create a new Collaborate Session in your Course.

B. Contact the Blackboard Help Desk for assistance in retrieving the recordings.

  1. We at the Blackboard Help Desk can provide you with a URL that contains a table of all of the recordings in the Course Site.



Images inside of the column of a cell in the Virtual Text Box Editor do not Keep their Original Size

The Virtual Text Box Editor is integrated into Blackboard and allows you to add multiple types of content to the editor. You can add things such as pictures, videos, mp4 files, create tables and more. We recently discovered that when you create a table and insert an image inside one of the columns the image does not keep its original size.

Steps to Replicate


1) Access a content area where you can add text/content via the Virtual Text Box Editor.

You can access a Virtual Text Box Editor through one of the following: Discussion Board, Journal, Assignment, Blog, Send Email, etc.

2) Click on the “Insert/Edit Table” icon.

Image 1: By clicking on the “Insert/Edit Table” icon you will be able to create a table.

3) The “Insert/Edit Table” window will open. Click on “Insert” to insert a new table with 2 columns and 2 rows.

Image 2: The default values when creating a table is of 2 columns and 2 rows, so no change will be needed. 

4) Insert an Image inside the first cell to the left of the table.

Image 3: You have to click inside the first cell so that the image is inserted inside the cell.

A. Click inside the first cell of the table.

B. Click on the “Insert/Edit Image” icon to insert an image inside the first cell of the table.

5) Write text inside the second cell to the right of the image.

Image 4: When you type text in the cell to the right of the image you will notice that the image reduces in size with the more text that you type.



You will have to manually change the properties of the cell containing the image by changing the size.

1) Change the cell properties of the cell containing the image.

Image 5: You have to right click on the cell containing the image in order to get the drop down menu displayed in the image above.

A. Right click on the cell containing the image.

B. Hover your cursor over “cell” and select “Table Cell Properties”.

2) Change the “Width” and “Height” of the cell to match the image’s original size.

Image 6: You will have to know the image’s original size and enter it in the “Width” and “Height” cells.


Possible Delay in Obtaining SafeAssign Report – SOLVED

UPDATE – 04/30/2016 at 5:41pm
It appears that SafeAssign report generation issue has been resolved. You should now be able to see your SafeAssign report in no more than 10-15 minutes of submitting a paper. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the delay that was experienced over the past couple of days. Please feel free to contact our helpdesk if you have any questions regarding this issue.
UPDATE – 04/29/2016 at 12:52pm
We have received confirmation from Blackboard that  the SafeAssign Servers are experiencing some slow down due to the large number of files that are being processed. If you have been waiting for more than 24 hours for a SafeAssign report to be generated please contact our helpdesk. We will provide an update as soon as more information becomes available.

SafeAssign normally generates a plagiarism report within 10 minutes of a submission.

04/28/2016 at 03:20pm – you may experience a delay in obtaining a SafeAssign Report.

  • The SafeAssign report might reflect “Report in progress…” hours after submission.

Although the SafeAssign system appears to be “Available” we are in communication with Blackboard so that they can investigate why SafeAssign reports are taking longer than expected to be generated. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue and as soon as we have more information we will update this post. Please feel free to contact the Blackboard Help Desk if you have any questions.

Error Message Signing On with SSO in Mac OS X

We have recently noticed that users are receiving an error message stating “Can’t establish a secure connection to the server”, “This webpage is not available”, “Secure Connection Failed” when trying to login to Blackboard, Workday, Canelink, and other platforms that use the Single Sign On to login. This appears to only be affecting users with Mac OS X that have Avast antivirus Installed.

BB Login with CaneID
Image 1: Click on Login with CaneID.


 Error Message is triggered after the user clicks on “Login with Cane ID”

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.59.37 AM
Image 2: This is the error that is produced when attempting to log in using Safari.

Click on the following to see how the error message looks in: Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox


This error message can be prevented by disabling the “Web Shield” in Avast. The steps below will show you how to perform this task.

1) Open Avast.

A. Click on the “Avast” Icon on the top of your Mac’s Menu Bar

B. Click on “Open Avast”

Image 3: Click on the “Avast Icon” to launch the menu and open avast.

2) Click on the “Preferences” Icon located at the bottom left of the “Avast Mac Security” Application.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.01.36 AM
Image 4: Click on the “Preferences” Icon.

3)  The Preferences Window will open. Click on the “Settings” link located below the “Disable” button for the Web Shield.

Image 5: Click on the “Settings” link to modify the Web Shield

4)  Click on the “+” icon to add a webpage to the Excluded Servers list.

Avast 1
Image 6: Click on “+” icon to add a webpage to the Excluded servers list.

5) You will be prompted for your password. Enter your Credentials and then click on the “Install Helper” button.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.02.00 AM
Image 7: Enter your Credentials and click on “Install Helper” to finish disabling the Web Shield.

6) Add the CaneID login page to the Excluded servers list.

A. Type

B. Set https as the Service

C. Click on “Add” to finish adding the CaneID login page to the Excluded servers list

Image 8: Once you click on “Add” the CaneID login page will be added to the Excluded servers list.

“Save All Answers” Does not Always Reflect all of the Saved Answers during an Assessment

Blackboard normally automatically saves your answer when you are taking an assessment in Blackboard. This is a helpful feature if you would like to stop taking an assessment and continue at a later time. Recently we discovered that if you answer a question and click on the “Save All Answers” button before Blackboard automatically saves the answers it will appear as if the answer is not saved when in reality it is.

Image I: The “Saving all Answers” button is located at the bottom of the Test in Blackboard. This button will  manually save all of the answers in your test.
Tests Save All
Image 2: The Question Completion Status Bar indicates that Question 11 is not saved even after pressing the “Save All Answers” button.

Steps to Replicate Issue

  1. Take a Test in Blackboard that is set to display all of the questions at once
  2. Answer your questions and click on the “Save All Answers” button before Blackboard Automatically marks the answer as “Saved”
  3. You will notice that Blackboard will store the answer but will not mark it as saved.

*If you leave the Test and resume at a later time your answer will still be saved.



I. Click the “Save Answer” button to the right of the question

II. Wait for Blackboard to Automatically save your answer before clicking the “Save All Answers” button


Blackboard Connection Error

As of Thursday, January 21 at 7:50pm, the issue preventing users to access Blackboard from inside the UM Network appears to have been resolved.  If you have further difficulties, please contact our helpdesk.

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with users accessing Blackboard Learn from inside the UM Network. If you are inside the UM Network and try to access Blackboard you might receive an error message stating that the webpage is not available. We are currently working on finding the root cause of this issue to resolve it as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact the Blackboard Help Desk at 305-284-3949 or

Email Changes Using the “donotreply” Causes Confusion for Students

When sending emails to students from Blackboard, the “From:” field for emails received will appear as “”.

Issue Description: Some email clients, such as Windows 10 Mail, do not use the “Reply-to” header of emails sent by BbLearn in order to populate the “To:” field when the user replies to the email.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Add an Instructor to a course. Instructor’s email:
  2. Add a Student to a course. Student’s email:, or any other
  3. Enroll the Instructor and the Student to a course
  4. As instructor, send an Announcement with the option Send a copy of this announcement immediately enabled
  5. As Student, configure your email as an IMAP account in your email client
  6. As Student, open the Announcement email in your email client
  7. Reply to that email

Expected Behavior:
The To: field of the email contains “”.

Observed Behavior:
The To: field of the email contains the dummy email address (do-not-reply@<bblearn_domain>).


Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring – Chrome & Microsoft Edge Issue

The Voice Authoring Tool is a part of Blackboard Collaborate. This is a tool that allows you make a voice recording in any content area which can be helpful in . This tool can be used from inside the Virtual Text Box Editor. This can be used to welcome students, build assessments, or add emotion and tone. However,  this tool requires Java to function properly and since Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge do not support Java accessing the Voice Authoring Tool tool with either of those two browsers will result in a grey box and the tool will not launch.

BB Collaborate Voice Authoring Tool-
Image 1: Joining a Virtual Classroom with Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge will result in a grey box and the Collaborate Voice Authoring Tool will not launch properly.


1) In order to use the screen recording feature of Kaltura you will need to use another browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, etc.

Note: Be sure that you have the latest version of Java installed in your computer.