1. Event Promotion Information

Event Promotion Information


Please be advised that promotional notices within Blackboard will be prioritized temporarily by events specific to coronavirus (COVID-19) awareness and safety. During this time, all other event promotions will be limited to displaying within Blackboard for a maximum of three (3) days. Thank you for your understanding. 

What are event promotions?

Event promotions are advertisements for events associated the University of Miami that appear on the right side of the Blackboard Homepage in a module called “Notices”.

Around 15,000 unique UM users access Blackboard every week. That is almost every student and most of the faculty members at UM. Event promotion graphics can be requested to be placed on the Blackboard home page.

Event promotions consist of an image that links to a web site. Banner ads are viewed by all UM Blackboard users and can be requested for any official UM event/activity.

Who can post an event promotion?

  • Student Organizations
  • University Departments
  • University Administrators
  • University Affiliated Events

How to request to post an event promotion:

To make a request to post your event promotion graphic, fill out the form in the link below including all of the required fields. Please be sure to include your contact name and information.

Click the link below to submit your event:
Submit a request for an event promotion

Required Information:

  • Event Title (example: “UM Roller Hockey Club Meeting”)
  • Event Website/URL (https://youreventpage.com)
  • Event Image ( 360p by 136p @ 72dpi |.gif, .png, or .jpg format only)
  • Event Start and End Date
  • Contact Information (name and email of contact person)
  • Organization Name

It’s a good idea to view the events calendar page linked below to try to get an idea about how many people are posting events around the same time as you. We limit event promotions based on availability.

Click the link below to see our calendar:
Upcoming Event Calendar Page


How long can the event promotion graphic be on display?

We run at most five event promotion graphics at a time. They normally run for a week or two. If you want to start advertising an event more than two weeks before the event, you can run the graphic for a week, have it removed for a time, and run it again for a week. That will cover a wider time span, but still only run for two weeks. It will also be likely to draw more attention that way than if it was running constantly. This can be done in two different request submissions for one week each.

What should go on the event promotion graphic?

You don’t need all the information about your event in the graphic. Just put enough to attract interest, and have the event promotion graphic link to a page with all the details. If you can include what looks like a button that contains a few action words on your event promotion graphic, you will get a better response. For example, “Find out more now!” or “Free Tickets” or “Apply by Nov. 10.” That is a “Call to Action” that will trigger more responses.


IMAGE:  360 pixels wide x 136 pixels high at 72 pixels per inch (5 inches wide x 1.89 inches high) Just your content. We add the border and shadow.

FORMATS:  jpg, gif, or png

REQUEST: Select up to two weeks total. The calendar below can be used to see when there is space available. No more than 5 event promotion graphics are used at one time.

CONTENT: Send graphic image as a jpg, gif, or png file, and the link to URL. It must be received at least one week before the start date. Images in the wrong size will be sent back to be redone.