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EAB – Adding Availability for Appointments

  1. On the EAB Staff Home (the initial page when you go on EAB) under “Staff Home” there is a gray ribbon with several tabs, click on “My Availability”.

2. Once there the screen will display the “Available Times” Dashboard. Under “Available Times” there is an “Actions” drop down, click on it and select “Add Time”.

3. An “ADD AVAILABILITY” window will open with all the setting for setting you availability.

4. Under “When are you available to meet?” it gives you days of the week to select, these are all the days you are available to see students. You can select any combination of dates. (Pictured below I have selected Monday through Saturday)

5. Underneath the dates it will give you “From” and “To” where you will set the times you are available to be seen. Default time is set from “8:00am” to “5:00pm” (shown below)

6. The next step in setting your appointment is “How long is this availability active”. The drop down displayed with “please select a duration” when clicked on will give the options of “Current term” where the availability will only be available for the current term, “Range of Dates” where you choose specific dates, or “forever”. (Shown below I have chosen “Forever”)

7. Beneath, the next step is “What type of availability is this?”. Meaning this availability is intended for “Appointments”, “drop-ins”, and/or “Campaigns”. You could select any combination of the three given. (Shown I have select “Appointments” and “Drop-ins”)

8. Afterwards you will choose you “Care unit”, “location”, and “Services”. These settings in these drop down menus are unique to you. For “Services” you are able to select up to as many apply to you. If you have trouble locating your “Care Unit”, “Location”, or “Services” please feel free to contact us so we can help you.

9. The text box below which states “Special Instructions for Student” is intended to be seen for students when are inquiring about your availability and want to see you.

10. The last setting for setting your appointment will be “Will you be meeting with multiple students?” followed by “Max Number of Students per Appointment”. Here you will select the maximum amount of students you are willing to meet at a time. The defaulted and preferred number is “1” but I supposed depending on the purpose of your availability you can choose to change this. (Pictured I have chosen to keep it at the defaulted “1”)

11. Once you have all you preferred setting adjusted on the bottom right side of the “ADD AVAILABILITY” window, you will click “Save”.

12. Once saved the “ADD AVAILABILITY” window will close and return you to your “Available Times” dashboard which will display the Availability you just created.

Updated on May 22, 2019

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