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Create a syllabus using the syllabus tool


In your course site, in the left hand navigation menu, click on “Syllabus”.


Under the main syllabus title, Hover your mouse over “Build Content”. Then, in the expanded menu, click on “Syllabus” in the bottom left.

STEP 3.1:

Enter your syllabus name.

STEP 3.2:

Option 1:
Chose the option to “Use Existing File” if you would like to upload a Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF file from your computer that you have already created. It will allow a student to simply click the title to access/download the syllabus.

Option 2:
Or, select “Create New Syllabus” to create a syllabus using Blackboard and the continue with the instructions below. The choice is yours. If you have already written a syllabus it may be in the the best interest of time to “Use Existing File” in “Option 1”.

Click “Submit” after you have made your choice.


You can enter text into the three sections and name the headings as you see fit. Unfortunately, you can only have three sections when using this tool for this particular section, Continue to see the “Add Lesson” feature to add more information.

The headings in this section are “Introduction”, “Learning Objectives”, and “Required Materials”. They can be renamed to whatever you would like.


You can select a color and design template to adjust the look of your syllabus.


You can add any number of unfilled “Lesson Areas” to add additional information to your syllabus if needed. These are simply text areas to enter more lesson information.


You can adjust availability setting using the control below. For general “always on” viewing, leave the default settings for “Permit Users to View Content” set to “Yes”.


Click the “Submit” button in the bottom right to save your changes.


Inside the “Syllabus” content area in the left side course menu, You will now see the syllabus displayed as below. If you hover over the title with your mouse, and click the circle grey icon to the right, You can edit the syllabus.

STEP 10:

After you clicked “Edit” in STEP 9, You can add additional lessons using the “Add Lessons” button in the top right, or edit your original information using the “Edit Syllabus” button.

STEP 11:

If you chose “Add Lesson”, You can enter the lesson title, date information, and description using the fields below.

STEP 12:

Be sure to click “Submit” to save your changes.

STEP 13:

Your syllabus will now display with the added lesson, Keep in mind the “Add Lesson” feature only allows a limited amount of information to display on the page in a list form. Brevity may be in your best interest.

Updated on May 8, 2019

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