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How to Create an Exam in Respondus 4.0

To create an exam in Respondus 4.0 please follow the steps below:

1) Launch the Respondus 4.0 application

2) As soon as you launch Respondus you will be taken to the “Start” section of the application. Select “Create” to create a new Respondus File.

Respondus 4.0 (1)
Image 1: Clicking on the “Create” button will allow you to create a new Exam or Survey File.

3) The “Create New File” dialog box will open. Give your File/Exam a title, enter a description (it’s required), and click “OK”.

Respondus 4.0 (3)
Image 2: The Type of File that is normally created by default is an Exam file, so there is no need to change the file type unless you are trying to create a survey.

4) You can now begin creating the questions for your exam. The test creation window has 3 sections; A. Edit Questions, B. Question Type, C. Questions List.

Respondus 4.0 (4)
Image 3: The Test creation window has 3 main areas.

We will explore each of these sections below:

A. Edit Questions

This section of the exam creation window allows you to select the type of questions that you would like to use/create in your test. You also have the following options:

Copy from Another File – Allows you to re-use questions from an existing Respondus file (Exam or Survey).

Test Bank from Network – Instructors who adopt participating textbooks  will be able to use the official test banks provided by the publishers (Registration Required).

Respondus 4.0 (5)
Image 4: The Edit Questions section allows you to select the type of questions that you would like to create.

B. Question Type

This section allows you to do the following:

Title of Question – You can enter the Title of the question. Example; Question 1, etc.

Question Wording – This is where you enter your Question.

Answers – This is where you enter the possible answers.

Point Value – Enter the points possible for the question.

Add to End of List – This will add your question to the end of list of questions

Insert into List – This will give you the option to select where you would like to place your question.

Respondus 4.0 (6)
Image 5: In this Example, the Section is called “Multiple Choice”. This is because we were modifying multiple choice questions. This section is subject to change based on the type of question.

C. Questions List

This is the section where the questions all of the questions are displayed. At the bottom of the section there is a search feature that allows you to search for questions.

Respondus 4.0 (07)
Image 5: All of the Questions in the exam will be displayed in the Questions List section of the Exam Creation page.

5) Once you have completed creating the questions you can publish the Exam as a Test on Blackboard.

Click Here for Instructions on how to Publish a Respondus Exam as a Test on Blackboard.

Updated on November 20, 2016

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