Install Respondus 4.0

The University of Miami has a site license for Respondus 4.0, the exam authoring software. The installation file is available from It is a Windows program; there is no Mac OS X version available. Here are the steps to install it once you acquire the installation file.

Before you get started, please make sure there are no applications running on your computer such as, for example, Word, Excel or your Outlook email.

1. Run the exe file.


2. Start the install process.


3. Accept the license agreement.


4. Accept the default destination location.


5. Install the program

install button1

6. Watch the progress indicator

Install Process1

7. Install the Respondus Equation Editor


8. Finish the installation


You have successfully installed Respondus 4.0 in your computer. The next step is to launch Respondus 4.0 and configure it to connect to your Blackboard account. Separate instructions are provided for that process.

Updated on November 20, 2016

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