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Test Availability Exception Step-by-Step Guide

With the Test Availability Exceptions tool, a professor has the option to provide students either extra time to administer an exam or allow a late student to take the exam on a different date and time. 

Step 1: Edit the Test Options

Once the test is deployed into your course site you would need to go to its location and click on the grey arrow next to the name of the test and select “Edit the Test Options”

*If you have not created and exam or need to deploy an exam first please refer to these references on creating and deploying exams in Blackboard.

Step 2 : Add Users and Groups  

Once you have enter the test options you would need to scroll down until you see the tool 

“Test Availability Exceptions” and select the option that states “Add Users or Groups”. From         there a second window will pop up with a list of all of your students who are enrolled into your course. Select the students or groups you would like to either have extended time or take the test on a different date, then click “Submit”

*To learn how to create groups to use in conjunction with Test Availability Exceptions please follow this link to learn how to create and manage groups – https://lpt.it.miami.edu/wiki/groups/

  Step 3: Availability Options 

Once you’ve selected a student or group you can now add your custom availability settings such as the date and time you would like to show the test to the student, allowing the student to have a longer time limit to take the exam, and or having the student have multiple attempts. Once you created your custom availability setting, scroll all the way down and click submit to save all of your availability settings.

Updated on October 27, 2020

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