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Using Kaltura Media to create and upload screen capture videos to Blackboard – Students

  • This tutorial is intended to show students how to screen capture and upload videos to their assignments using the Mash-Ups tool with Kaltura Media Player.

STEP 1: Be sure you are logged into Blackboard.

STEP 2: Students can access the option to create videos and post them to their course site by going to the assignment in the content area where they would like their video posted (Course Documents, Assignments, Etc.).


STEP 3: Click on the assignment title.


STEP 4: Click on the “Write Submission” button.


STEP 5: Click on the “Mashups” button then click on the “Kaltura Media” link int he drop down menu. If you do not see these options click on the arrows on the right to expand the tools menu.


STEP 6: Click on the “Add New” button on the top right of the page.


STEP 7: Select “CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder”.


STEP 8: Click the link below to download the Screen Recorder Software for MAC or PC. Then double click the downloaded file to install. If you already downloaded and installed the software, you can skip to Step 9.


STEP 9: Once Installed, click on the Icon for the Kaltura Capture Space Recorder on your desktop to launch the program.


STEP 10: Select one of the 4 options below to record. For this example we will be using “Screen”.


STEP 11: Select the monitor you would like to record using “Full Screen” or select an area on any monitor, then click “Record” in the bottom right corner.


STEP 12: You will be prompted the recording will start in 5 seconds.

You can pause the recording using: ALT + P

You can draw on the recording using : ALT+ D


STEP 13: When you pause the recording using: ALT + P, The menu below will appear that gives multiple options. When you are finished recording click “Done”.


STEP 14: You will be presented with the screen below that will let you make simple edits to your video. You can trim, chop, title, and add credits to your videoq12q10

  • Click “Done” in the bottom corner when complete.


STEP 15: Name your video and add a description and tags if needed.

  • Upload: Will upload the video to Blackboard
  • Preview: Will let you watch the video
  • Save: Saves the file locally without uploading to Blackboard


STEP 16: Once “Upload” is clicked, the video will upload.


STEP 17: You will receive this message. Disregard the link that is given.


STEP 18: Using Steps 2-5, you can now proceed back to the Kaltura Media Page on Blackboard and select your video to post to your course site.

* NOTE: Videos may not show immediately and longer videos can take up to 1-2 hours to process.



Updated on February 1, 2017

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