The Learning Platforms team supports several enterprise tools and third-party integrations to extend the use of the Blackboard Learn Ultra system for teaching and learning. Below are a list of the current tools integrated into Blackboard, including support resources and licensing options.

For technical support, please contact us, and we can ensure we connect you with the support resources you need.


MathWorks: Automatically grade MATLAB code in any learning environment. Resources.


Qwickly Attendance: Attendance tracking tool. Resources


Box: Store and manage content in a highly encrypted, secure, online environment. Resources                                                        

Follet Discover: A tool for faculty to use to review and select course materials. Resources                                          

Kaltura: Kaltura is a video management platform used to upload, manage, share, publish, and stream videos and video quizzes within Blackboard. Resources                                                        

OneNote: A note-taking program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. Resources

OneDrive: Cloud storage to store your files and photos, sync across all your devices, and even edit and collaborate on Office documents. Resources

Auralia/Musition (Available for Frost School of Music): Ear training and music theory software. Resources

Voice Thread: A collaborative application to share multimedia, with interactive feedback options such as voice, text, or video comments. Resources                                    


Purchase of the e-textbook is to leverage the following integrations.

Cengage: Provides external course materials (e-textbooks, assignments, activities) to supplement course content. Resources

Macmillan Learning: An online resource where students can access their e-book, take quizzes, and more. Resources

McGraw-Hill: Class reports and analytics of student progress in one place. students don’t have to log in to different applications. Resources

Pearson: Provides additional course materials, assessments, and communication. Resources

Pearson MyLab & Mastering: Provides additional course materials, assessments, and communication, specific to MyLab and Mastering content. Resources

SAGE Vantage: A digital platform that provides SAGE content with auto-graded assignments. Resources

Vital Source: Platform for distributing, accessing, consuming, and engaging with digital textbooks and course materials. Resources

WileyPlus: Tailor curated content and easily manage your course in order to engage and motivate students. Resources

Interactive Content and Authoring

H5p (Individual License only): Create and Share Rich HTML5 Content and Applications. Resources

Soft Chalk Cloud: Softchalk is a lesson building application that allows users to create, customize, and personalize e-learning content. Resources

Library Integration

Course Reserves: Library services platform used for integrating electronic course reserves into Blackboard (articles, book chapters, syllabi, lecture notes, etc.). Resources

Research Guides: Materials and resources appropriate for disciplines, courses, and special topics, curated by UM librarians. Resources

Polling Software

iClicker Cloud (Licensing: Student / department purchase): iClicker Cloud, is a platform instructors use to engage students with polls and assignments, assess students with quizzes, and keep track of attendance. Resources

Social Annotation

Feedback Fruits (Available for School of Law): Collaborative tool suite used for self and peer feedback, and social annotation. Resources

Video Conferencing

Echo360 (Available for School of Law): Video-based learning tool for engagement, authoring and assessments. Resources

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing tool that integrates with Blackboard, which allows for scheduling and launching of meetings. Resources

Panopto (Available for: Miller School of Medicine): Panopto is a lecture capture tool and video platform to record, webcast, manage, and share video content. 

Zoom: Zoom is a video conferencing tool that integrates with Blackboard, which allows for scheduling and launching of meetings. Resources