Support for Retired Blackboard Integrations

To maintain a safe, and efficient learning management system, integrations are periodically reviewed based on use, vendor standards, security and data privacy practices, among other considerations. Third-party tools may be upgraded or retired from the learning management system if they no longer meet compliance requirements, have become redundant, or are in declining use. This page outlines key support guidance to faculty, students, and staff. 


Class Collaborate

May 20, 2024
Starting May 20, 2024, the University will begin the process of decommissioning and transitioning from Class Collaborate to support more advanced web-conferencing tools, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
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Blackboard Building Blocks (B2s)

January 1, 2024
Starting on January 1, 2024, Blackboard will begin to phase out support for a specific type of third-party integration called Building Blocks (B2s). These retired integrations affect courses taught in the Original Course Experience.
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