Live and On-Demand Training

This page features the latest training live and on-demand training opportunities from the Learning Platforms team, and supported vendors to supplement existing resources on this website.

Blackboard Learn Ultra

Live and On-Demand Sessions by Blackboard

  • Live Sessions: Instructor Webinar Series - Teaching with Blackboard from Basics to Advanced in Ultra.
  • On-Demand Sessions: Teaching with Blackboard Learn Original from Basics to Advanced

Enroll in an Online Self-Paced Training Course

Our online training courses were designed to provide faculty and staff an introduction to the Blackboard Learn interface, functionality, and common tools/features used. These courses are meant to be self-paced and utilized whenever needed by faculty, teaching assistants, and staff. We offer a training course in Original View and one in Ultra View.

There are a few ways you can get access to the course:

Self-Enroll (Blackboard Original Only)

To self-enroll into the Learn Teaching Essentials Original course, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Blackboard at
  2. Click on the Organizations link in the left menu
  3. Click Organization Catalog in the top right
  4. Next to  Search Catalog and Course select “ID” from the drop down menu and then type LTEOC
  5. Hover over  course code LTEOC (Learn Teaching Essentials Original) and Click on the grey circle. 
  6. Click Enroll + on the left hand-side menu. (If you receive an error message in the center, please ignore, and click the green Enroll + )
  7. Click Submit on the resulting page, then OK.

The course should now appear in the “My Organizations” module where you can select it. 

Contact LPT (Blackboard Original and Ultra)

To enroll in a training course by submitting a ticket to and request participant access to:

  • Organization: LTUC - Learn Teaching Essentials Ultra  (Ultra View)
  • Organization: LTEOC- Learn Teaching Essentials Original (Original View)


  • Respondus Webinars: Register for a training webinar that covers instructor training on Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor, and Respondus 4.0.

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