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Qwickly Attendance Classic is a tool that simplifies attendance tracking and provides instructors with valuable insights into their students' progress. Qwickly Course Tools is a communication and content management tool that enable instructors to streamline common administrative tasks.


​​Qwickly Attendance Classic is an attendance-taking tool that can be used within Blackboard (Original and Ultra Course View) The tool provides detailed reports and analytics on student attendance, participation, and engagement, giving instructors valuable insights into their students' progress and needs. Instructors have the option to take attendance manually or enable students to check on their own browser using a PIN and a countdown timer for added security. After recording the attendance data, Qwickly Attendance Classic stores it in the Blackboard Grade Center. Students can also view an overview of their attendance record and receive real-time updates on their attendance status through the Qwickly Attendance Classic dashboard, helping them to stay on top of their attendance and participation.

Qwickly Course Tools offers a range of features that streamline tasks for instructors, making it easier to manage courses, communicate with students, and perform administrative functions. Some key features of Qwickly Course Tools include course availability and content management, communication and messaging, calendar and scheduler. Instructors can easily control the visibility of course materials, announcements, assignments, and other content. They can also send messages and announcements to students individually or to entire classes.

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Taking Attendance - Instructors can efficiently take attendance by manually marking students present or absent, or by allowing students to check in through Blackboard using their browser. Qwickly Attendance Classic will automatically record the data in the Blackboard Grade Center.

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Attendance Settings - Qwickly Attendance Classic offers various attendance settings, such as a check-in timer, custom attendance statuses, and the ability to send students’ absence emails. The tool also allows instructors to round attendance points and show inactive or dropped students in attendance records.

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Student View - Qwickly Attendance Classic provides students with the ability to access their attendance records through their LMS, which includes a list of attendance dates taken in the course and the status received by the student.

Communication: The main communication features offer faculty the ability to send email, post announcements, or create calendar events across multiple courses. The interface is similar to Blackboard, allowing you to schedule announcements, or send an email version.

Content Creation: Using Qwickly Course Tools, faculty can share documents, files, weblinks, and create assignments across multiple courses at once. The wizard allows you to select where to add these resources or assessments to your courses, as well as add additional settings before you review and submit your changes.

Course Administration: Lastly for more administrative tasks, faculty can check which links across multiple courses are broken or need to be reviewed. Faculty can also make courses available in bulk via a toggle. Other features include shifting dates for assessments, or bulk creation of groups.


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Need technical support with Qwickly? The Learning Platforms Team provides helpdesk support, digital resources, and training sessions to faculty, students, and staff who would like to leverage Qwickly in their courses. To request support, contact learningplatforms@miami.edu.