Upload Large Files

Currently, faculty, staff and students can upload individual files as large as 500 megabytes to Blackboard. For files larger than 500 megabytes, please see the following options available to students, faculty, and staff at the University of Miami. If you need any support or encounter any issues, please contact Learning Platforms.

Course and File Size Considerations

At the University of Miami, we currently recommend faculty to maintain a course size quota under 2.5 GB to support the daily and long-term archiving of courses. To minimize your course files, and avoid exceeding the quota:

  • Leverage cloud-based offerings and integrations: The University of Miami provides multiple cloud storage options that are available to share large files. Students, faculty, and staff can upload large files to cloud storage accounts and share the link within Blackboard. Learn more about UM's cloud storage solutions.
  • Limit the size of your files to 50-60 MB or less. Students may encounter challenges accessing larger files on personal, or mobile devices. Smaller files reduces barriers for students to engage with course materials.
  • Check your course size: From the homepage, click Tools, then click Content Collection. Click on a folder named after your Course ID (e.g ENG106). The course size will display below the name of the folder as Folder Size.

Sharing Audio and Video Files 

Kaltura is the University's cloud-based media management platform for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other media, such as images and audio files. Kaltura is also the long-term storage option for Zoom cloud recordings. Students, faculty, and staff can share media directly within Blackboard using Kaltura. 

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Sharing Files from OneDrive

To use the OneDrive integration with Blackboard, you can share existing OneDrive files, and create collaborations using Office 365 documents for students in real time to work together and utilize full Office 365 editor tools.

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Sharing Files from Box

While Blackboard provides you the option to access and upload files from Box, we recommend linking to existing resources.

For collaborative work, you can invite students to collaborate/access a shared Box folder, or for read-only access, you can share a link only people from University of Miami can acccess. Both workflows would involve creating and sharing a weblink in Blackboard for continued access.

Compress Images in Documents or Presentations

Students, faculty, and staff can also compress images in a Word or PowerPoint, to reduce the file size of a document or presentation.