Add Course Materials

There are several ways you can add or upload content to your course. You can create new course content items, copy content from other courses, upload files from your computer, add items from your Content Collection, add files from cloud storage, and add content and tools from external sources from the Content Market.

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Types of Course Materials

In your Blackboard courses, you can add a variety of content such as learning modules, folders, document (page), link, approved teaching tools, scorm package, and files. This can include Word documents, PDFs, assignments, tests, online lectures, multimedia, and links to external websites.

There are various workflows course instructors can add course content.

  • Copy Content: Reuse content from other courses you are enrolled as an instructor. View guide.
  • Upload: Course instructors can upload files from their computer into the course.
  • Content Market: Find and add external publisher content.
  • Cloud Storage: Add content from external cloud storage provides such as Box, and OneDrive.
  • Content Collection: Browse the content collection files to insert a link to the resource.

Adding Course Materials to your Course

Tutorial Course Experience
Type of course content Original
Use the Syllabus Builder Original
Add files, images, audio, and video Original
Create a blank page Original
Check course links Original
Use the content editor Original / Ultra
Create a weblink in Blackboard Original
Types of course content Ultra
Add content to the course content page Ultra
Create learning modules Ultra
Create a weblink in Blackboard Ultra
Create a folder Ultra
Create a document Ultra
Batch edit common settings Ultra
Student preview Ultra
Release content Ultra


Learning Modules: You can use learning modules in your course as a container for organized collections of content by week or topic. Modules let students navigate from one content item to the next without distractions or extra clicks using arrows. A learning module helps immerse students in the lesson or concept you’re teaching.

Documents: In the Course Content page, you can create a document or page to present a combination of content. When students select the document title, the materials you added are all presented together on one page. Students see the content just as you see it, without the editing options.

Folders: A folder is a container you can use to add content and organize your course materials. You can only create two levels of folders to organize your content.

Batch Edit Common Settings: In the Ultra Course View, you can use Batch Edit to update common settings across all content. Batch Edit lets you control content settings in one place and all at once to save you time managing your course.