Access Course Materials

Course materials include, but are not limited to, lectures, lecture notes, syllabi, study guides, bibliographies, visual aids, images, diagrams, multimedia presentations, web-ready content, and educational software. Review communications from your course instructor about where to locate course materials – for example, this could be in the Syllabus or Course Documents content area.

Quick Links: Why can't I access my assignments, tests, or course materials?

Access Course Material in your Course

Tutorial Course Experience
Type of course Content Original
About Files an Folder Original
Type of course Content Ultra
About Files an Folder Ultra


  • Folder: Folders can contain any other item type, even other Folders as they can be nested within each other. You can expand and collapse the Folders to control the display of the content visible on the outline at any given time.
  • Learning Module: Similar to a folder, it provides navigation links in the upper left and upper right areas of the screen to back up or advance to other course pages.
  • Link: This item displays a website, which will open in a new tab/browser.
  • File: This item provides you with a file to download or view online.
  • Document: Documents are viewable on the site and allow you to view a variety of media as text, inline videos, links, and images.
  • Content Market: This resources may be materials, assessments, or ebooks.