Download Alternative Formats Using Ally

Ally is a tool in Blackboard that promotes inclusivity for all learners by creating accessible content and providing a more universal, equitable learning experience for students. Using Ally, students are able to access and download a range of alternative and accessible formats for files uploaded to Blackboard. These alternative formats are automatically generated by Ally.

Overview of Blackboard Ally for Students

This video demonstrates how Ally functions in your courses to deliver accessible course materials. While this demonstrates Original Course View, if you are in Ultra, the functionality is the same!

Choose Alternative Formats

This video explains the many formats offered by Ally so you may pick the one that best suits your need.

Download Alternative Formats

The following tutorials provide more comprehensive guidance on how to use Ally in your courses.

Tutorial Course Experience
Ally Quick Start for Students Original / Ultra
Ally - BeeLine Reader Original / Ultra
Alternative Formats Original
Discover Alternative Formats Original
Discover Alternative Formats Ultra
Four Learning Benefits of Alternative Formats Original / Ultra
Student FAQs About Ally Original / Ultra
Ally for LMS Help for Students Original / Ultra



  • Availability of Ally: From May 11, 2023, Ally will be enabled in new and existing courses. If you don't see an option to download alternative formats, Ally may not be enabled for that course yet.
  • Original Content: The alternative formats created by Ally depend on the original content, sometimes the file is not a supported content type, and an alternative format might not be available.
  • Mobile App: In the Blackboard mobile app, click the three dots (...) in the upper right corner of the app to open the content menu and find the option to download alternative formats. The HTML format for a file works best if you want to read on your phone, or listen to the Audio MP3 while on the go.