Add Content

As a student using Blackboard Learn, you can easily enhance your learning experience by adding and formatting content within assessments like discussion boards or assignments.

Add and Format Content

Students can upload various files like documents, videos, audio, and images from your computer or cloud storage. Students can also embed media from platforms like YouTube, Office365, and more. Currently, students can upload individual files as large as 500 megabytes to Blackboard.

Tutorial Course Experience
Add Files Images Video and Audio Original
Add Files Images Video and Audio Ultra
Share large files or folders using OneDrive Original / Ultra
Share large files or folders using Box Original / Ultra
Add Files from Cloud Storage Original
Add Files from Cloud Storage Ultra

Sharing Audio and Video Files

Kaltura is the University's cloud-based media management platform for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other media, such as images and audio files. Kaltura is also the long-term storage option for Zoom cloud recordings. Students can share media directly within Blackboard using Kaltura.

To Upload Media

  • Access the assignment or discussion board within the assigned course.
  • Click 'Write Submission' or within the HTML editor, locate the plus icon in the toolbar.
  • Select the plus sign and select 'Content Market,' and select 'Kaltura Embed.'
  • From here, click 'Add New' then 'Media Upload' or locate an existing media file to 'Save and Embed' within your course.