Getting Started with Blackboard Learn Ultra

Blackboard Learn is the course management system used by University of Miami faculty, staff, teaching assistants, and students. The Learning Platforms team currently supports courses and organizations in Original Course View and Ultra Course View.

Check Your Browser is Compatible

Certain Blackboard features may require browser plugins to function properly. Without the proper browser, a student may encounter technical issues when attempting to complete an exam or submit an assignment. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are all supported with their most recent versions. If you feel unsure whether your browser will allow you to utilize all Blackboard features, you can check at the link below.

Access Blackboard Learn Ultra

In order to receive a Blackboard account, you must have an active UM CaneID, and be enrolled in a course in Canelink. To access Blackboard Learn Ultra, follow the below steps.

  • Go to
  • Click the Log In button
  • Enter your full UM AccountID as the username (e.g., and the corresponding password.
  • You may need to confirm your log in using multi-factor authentication.

FAQ: Why am I unable to login to Blackboard?

Locate your Courses

Every semester, a Blackboard course site is automatically created for each course offered by the University of Miami.

To access all of your courses from the current and previous semesters:

  • Access
  • Select ‘Courses’ from the left-hand menu.
  • Use the Current Courses drop down menu to select the appropriate term.
  • For quick and convenient access, you can use the search tool to find a specific course and you can favorite the courses you use most frequently by clicking the star icon
  • Locate and select your courses

FAQ: Why is my course not listed or available on Blackboard?

FAQ: Can you enroll me in a course?

Locate your Organizations (Optional)

To access any organization you are enrolled in:

  • Select ‘Organization’ from the left-hand menu.
  • Use the Current Organization drop down menu to select upcoming or current organizations.
  • For quick and convenient access, you can use the search tool to find a specific organization and you can favorite the courses you use most frequently by clicking the star icon.

Become Familiar with the Course Layout

Being able to navigate a course can help you ensure you do not miss out on any important announcements or exams. Each Blackboard course page is unique to the style of the instructor designing it, some prefer to structure their courses into weekly folders while others may have different sections dedicated to assignments or reading materials, but many core elements are similar.

Sign in to Zoom to Activate your Account

Many instructors have opted to host their courses and office hours virtually, or may require an online meeting when a guest speaker must be present or a student may be unable to attend. Each student must sign into Zoom at least once before attending any online meetings as an account authorization process must be completed before it can be properly used.

Incoming students, or students who have not used Zoom before will need to log in to with their CaneID (SSO:Single Sign-On) to activate their Zoom account before using it in Blackboard.

Download and Install Respondus Lockdown Browser

Exams are sometimes held exclusively within Respondus Lockdown Browser. This software ensures all other programs are closed at the time of taking an exam. An assessment with Respondus Lockdown Browser enabled cannot be taken with any other type of browser. Download links for the Windows and Mac versions of Respondus Lockdown Browser, as well as helpful resources, can be found at the link below.

Locate the Gradebook

The grade center allows you to keep track of your grades throughout the semester to know where you stand, and to inform you of your evaluation regarding assignments and exams.