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Discussions allow students to discuss course materials, as well as exchange various thoughts and ideas with one another. Questions and statements regarding assignments and readings can be replied to directly by peers; instructors can also join in on any ongoing discussions in case additional clarification or assistance is needed. Additional tools such as file attachments and video embedding help make Discussions a great place to communicate with classmates about course content. 

Using Discussion Board in your Course

Tutorial Course Experience
Opening the Discussion Board Original
Reply to Discussion Posts Original
Edit or Delete Replies  Original
Opening and Replying to Discussions  Ultra
Edit or Delete Your Discussion Topics  Ultra


  • An instructor must open a forum for discussion before students are able to create Discussion Posts. If you believe a forum is missing from the Discussions, please consider contacting your instructor. 
  • Being able to edit or delete a Discussions post is a setting that can be enabled or disabled by the instructor. If you are unsure are the availability of these features, be sure to post carefully as you may be unable to correct it without contacting the instructor for further assistance. 
  • Discussion Boards can be a mandatory part of a course and be included within the grade center with their own points and due dates. Be sure to keep an eye on the Discussion Board for any open forums which may contribute towards your total grade.