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Assignments provide opportunities for students to learn, practice and demonstrate they have achieved learning goals in meaningful ways. Assignments can look like a paper, a presentation, media project, group work, etc. Students can access and submit assignments in their Blackboard courses where instructors will review, grade, and provide feedback.

Using Assignments in your Course

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  • Review the assignment instructions. The requirements may vary from course to course, and assignment to assignment.
  • A rubric may be available to you so that you are aware of how you are being graded. If this is the case, make sure you review it carefully before starting your submission. 
  • You may be assigned to a group to complete an assignment. If this is the case, you'll see who your group members are when you start the assignment. Everyone in your group can edit the assignment. However, only one person can submit it. Make sure you do NOT submit it for grading until everyone in your groups agrees that it is ready for submission.
  • Some assignments may have the conversation feature enabled (called Class Conversation). This feature allows you to discuss the assignment with the teacher and other students. If you are working on a group assignment, you will also be able to have a conversation with only your group members. In addition, if your site uses Collaborate, then you'll also be able to meet virtually with your group using it.
  • If you can submit an assignment more than once, take advantage of your teacher's revise-and-review process.
  • Submit your assignment in the file formats your teacher requested.