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The Test, Surveys and Pools tool in Blackboard can help you measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students.

Build and Deploy Tests, Quizzes, or Surveys

Building tests, quizzes or exams allows instructors to supplement course content with assessments directly in a course. Course instructors can provide practice exams, sample answers, along with clear instructions for taking a test. Finally, instructors can provide automated feedback on student tests, and populate test scores in the gradebook.

Using Tests in your Course

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  • Use a reliable internet connection: The Blackboard test tool relies on a steady internet connection to work properly, and you’ll need to make sure Students have access to a reliable internet connection before launching a test. Avoid using mobile or public networks when possible, and if they encounter slow speeds when using their home network, they may need to limit usage of applications that may reduce the bandwidth available while taking tests.
  • Use a compatible and updated internet browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are recommended for use with Blackboard at the University of Miami
  • Install needed software: If you require additional software you need to download, like Respondus Lockdown Browser, Students will need to download it and test several days before you intend on giving the exam. Make sure practice tests are available for them to take to make sure their software is correctly configured.
  • Make the Test Link available: When deploying a test in a content area it is necessary to make the link available. Blackboard will not make the test available unless this is selected and setup by selecting Display After and Display Until date/time restrictions. Make sure there is no conflict with an adaptive release date different from the date restriction.
  • Turn off Force Completion: This allows students to pick up where they left off in case they get kicked out – time permitting. This spares them from having to contact you to reset their test. This is not a second attempt; they resume the test at the point they were kicked out. Force Completion is a completely different setting than Multiple Attempts.
  • Set the Test Timer: The Timer starts when the student clicks the Begin button and stops when the test is submitted. If the user leaves the test and then comes back (assuming Force Completion is off), the timer continues to run the entire time.  Please note, the test will save and submit automatically when time has expired if the Auto Submit setting is set to ‘On’.