Improve Course Content Accessibility

Ally is a tool available within Blackboard that provides insight into the accessibility of course materials and content and populates alternative materials for students. To enable in your course, contact us.

Improve Course Accessiblity with Ally

Ally is a powerful tool used for determining the level of accessibility regarding course content, and creates alternative formats of course content automatically. Once enabled in your course, Ally:

  • Generates alternative formats for students to download: These can include audio or electronic braille versions of existing course content.
  • Provide accessibility scores to instructors to review: Ally also measures each file attached to the course and assigns them a score depending on how accessible the file is. Once you have located the accessibility score for a piece of content, you can begin to explore accessibility issues and improve the content to raise the score.
  • Provide instructor feedback on how to improve your accessibility score: Each file that requires improvements is provided a guide which allows course instructors and teaching assistants to make any changes necessary to improve that file. 

Using Blackboard Ally in your Course

Quick Start Guide for Instructors
Ally Alternative Formats
Ally Accessiblity Scores
Course Availability Report
What's New in Ally
Use Ally in the Content Editor
Improve Content Accessibility Guides


  • Ally is just one tool to use to assess and improve content accessiblity. To make improvements to files outside of Blackboard, Blackboard provides step-by-step guides to resolve course content issues.
  • For PDFs, leverage Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe Acrobat) to automatically update or assess accessibility issues. View a brief walkthrough.
  • It is often easier to share the original file (e.g. Word, PowerPoint), which is usually more accessible than the PDF version.
  • Many Microsoft 365 applications have an accessiblity checker within tools like Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.