Create Assignments

Assignments allow teachers to collect work from learners and assess their work in meaningful ways beyond traditional objective tests. Teachers are able to collect work from learners, review, grade, and provide feedback. Learners can submit files (e.g., word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, audio, video clips) or type directly into the system.

Creating and Managing Online Assignments

There are several benefits of using the assignment tool in courses. It improves time-on-task by providing an efficient way to view and submit assignments online. If multiple attempts are allowed, course instructors can return submissions with feedback, allowing learners to improve their work before resubmitting for a final grade. The assignments tool also connects with Blackboard Annotate, browser used for inline grading in your courses, with freehand drawing tools, various color selections.

Using Assignments in your Course

Tutorial  Course Experience
Create and Edit Assignments Original
Grading Assignments Original
Assignment Inline Grading Original
SafeAssign Original
Create and Edit Assignments Ultra
Grading Assignments Ultra
SafeAssign Ultra
Assignment Inline Grading Ultra



When creating your directions for your online assignment, consider the following elements:

  • Clear deadlines
  • Format type
  • Identifying information
  • How the assignment is to be completed—individually or in groups
  • How they will submit their work
  • How and when they will receive feedback